Helen Montoya, Ph.D. completed her Masters and Doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduating in 1993.  While Dr. Montoya grew up in Wyoming, she has lived in Nebraska since 1986 and considers herself to be a Nebraskan in spirit.  She completed her internship in Norfolk, Nebraska, having gained broad experience with a variety of clientele ranging from the severe chronically mentally ill to rural farm family stress related concerns.  Upon completion of internship, she served on a state appointed task force for the provision of Mental Health Services to underserved populations including Veterans, Geriatric and Rural Farm Populations.   She and her team members designed and delivered psychiatric and psychological services throughout rural Nebraska, traveling to numerous communities weekly.

Dr. Montoya has significant supervisory and training experience through her post-doctoral work with the Norfolk Regional Center in unity with the University of Nebraska, and continues to train mental health specialists in one on one supervision.  She began private practice with the Psychology Center in 1995.  While Dr. Montoya has maintained a general practice serving adolescent and adult populations, she has developed a longstanding specialty with psychological evaluations and provides comprehensive collaborative information for complex diagnostic, medical, and legal consultation.  Over the years her practice and interests have focused on a more general adult population with specific interests in mood disorders, such as Depression, and Bipolar Disorder, as well as a wide spectrum of complicated medical and disability related conditions.  She works closely with medical providers to ensure comprehensive treatment of her clientele.  Dr. Montoya blends a variety of treatment approaches ranging from cognitive behavioral approaches to more insight oriented therapies contingent upon presenting problems.  Dr. Montoya is very diverse with a wide range of skills treating client concerns including PTSD; mood and anxiety conditions; psychological conditions related to medical diagnoses; LBGTQ issues; and multicultural populations.  She is a provider for all major insurance companies.

Helen M. Montoya, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist